The Secret About The Secret

‘The Secret’ is the central theme of Bill Simmons’ epic book about the NBA.  As revealed to him by Hall of Fame player Isaiah Thomas, “The secret of basketball is that it’s not about basketball”.  That is, while the collective skills of a basketball team are important, what is most important is the collective, the […]

The Hockey Error

A lot, or at least a few, sports count assists among their statistics.  That is, the pass that leads to a score.  In volleyball, at least in America, a set that leads to a spike point is an assist. In basketball, a pass that leads to a basket is an assist.  But in hockey, not […]

Quotes – Part 4

Everyone loves a good quote.  A good quote from a perceived expert can confirm a previously held prejudice… er, idea, or provide an important new insight.  Sadly, though, quotes taken out of their original context can intentionally or otherwise mislead the reader. For example, as reported here, the purported Velasco quote “I am a coach, […]

The Greatest Pressure (Part Two) – Superbowl Edition

I wrote a while ago about the greatest pressure that coaches face.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, the greatest pressure that coaches face is NOT to win, it is to follow conventional wisdom.  Coaches are expected to do the things they are expected to do.  If they don’t, the consequences can be extremely negative.

Spike! Interactive Guide

There is a famous American sports journalist named Bill Simmons.  He wrote a huge book about basketball named ‘The Book of Basketball‘ (actually about the NBA) that became a best seller.  Because 90% of the book is about events and players that most readers have only ever heard of, an enterprising fan put up a […]

Pro Doping Ridiculousness

Before we begin, for the record, I am anti doping.  I am also against spurious arguments that are accepted at face value without critical analysis. To the first point, I can’t really say why I am anti doping, other than if you allow doping, it would no longer be sport.  Unfortunately, that may be the […]

‘Life After The Secret’

I have referenced and quoted the works of Bill Simmons many times now over the last couple of years.  specifically I have referenced his opus, ‘The Book of Basketball‘ numerous times, most recently in a post outlining the secret of success in basketball, as revealed to Simmons by Isiah Thomas.  As we recall, ‘the secret […]

‘The Secret’

Bill Simmons loves basketball, specifically the NBA.  He also loves to write.  When you put those two things together, you end up with an exhaustively researched, incredibly informative, wildly entertaining 700 page book on the NBA, ‘The Book Of Basketball’. The overarching theme of the book is what he calls ‘The Secret’.  ‘The Secret’ is […]

Choosing A System Of Play

I have always found that one of the most intriguing coaching questions is the one about systems of play.  Namely, ‘Do you choose a system of play to fit your team, or do you impose a system on your team?’  Like every other coaching question there is not necessarily a clear answer and you could […]