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Check Your Data Volley Files

Now that the season is under way a lot of people are spending far more hours than is healthy sitting in front  of their computers frantically working away entering their matches into Data Volley.  I am personally a big fan of the software and can proudly say I have been using it for twenty years now.  As much as I have used and loved and won countless matches because of it, there is one small flaw in the program that is continually annoying.  The ‘Validate File’ command is woefully inadequate and finds only the very biggest errors in a scouted file.

For those who have similar feelings, Ben Raymond (my ‘Timeouts’ co-conspirator) has developed a simple validation tool that have saved me countless hours of trolling through dvw files trying to find out why my statistics don’t add up.  It is a web based app, online now at the url https://untangl.shinyapps.io/dvalidate/

Simply upload your file onto the front page and within seconds you will have a report that identifies all (so far) of the common errors that ‘CTRL V’ does not.  For example, it will spot substitution errors, false scores, backrow players spiking in the frontrow, rotation errors and many other.  Below are screenshots of the uploading page and an example of an error report.

Enjoy and hopefully you’ll get more time to spend with your families 🙂



I Am Right About Timeouts

Over the last year or so I have studied and written quite a bit on the topic of timeouts.  You can read all of the posts I have written (in English and in Polish) by following this link.

The upshot of all of the research I have done with Ben Raymond is that timeouts do not seem to work in the way that we (coaches, fans, administrators) like to think that they do, that is they have no impact on the game.

An American researcher, studying USA college matches and looking at over 5,000 timeouts found eerily similar results.  They are summarised in the infogram below.