Coaching Tips Of The Week

To run with the season, I started posting a weekly coaching tip.  These are lessons that I have learnt over the course of the journey.  Many were hard won lessons, some were observations of mistakes I didn’t have to make myself, some of them are reminders to myself of things I should know better.  They are not in any particular order as they are mostly inspired by something that happened in my training on the day that I wrote it down.  Thanks to Luke Reynolds who did most of the actual writing down.  I think there is something here for coaches at all levels.

#27 – “Be consistent”

#26 – “To improve practice, raise standards”

#25 – “Laugh”

#24 – “You have to win the matches you have to win”

#23 – Bad outcome ≠ Bad decision Continue reading “Coaching Tips Of The Week”

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